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Diners Club® Corporate Card Program

The Diners Club Corporate Card Program is a comprehensive expense management solution designed to help your organization maintain better control of business expenses, with the flexibility necessary to meet distinct business needs.

Key Advantages
  • The ability to capture virtually 100% of all business spending.
  • Worldwide acceptance wherever MasterCard® is accepted.
  • Comprehensive cardmember benefits such as primary rental car collision damage insurance and more.
  • Online account management tools for in-depth reporting, to approve accounts, pay bills and more.
  • Access to an extensive network of international airport lounges.
How It Works
  • Diners Club Corporate Cards are issued to designated employees.
  • An organization can choose from a range of benefit options as well as payment and liability options that best meet its needs.
  • Cardmembers can use their card for virtually all company-approved expenses.
  • All charges are captured and reported to the organization through flexible and comprehensive reporting tools.
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Diners Club® One Card

The Diners Club® One Card is an integrated solution consolidating purchasing, travel and fleet spend, into a single card.

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Diners Club® Travel Account Program

Diners Club Travel Account Program is designed to efficiently control travel costs and gain better leverage for vendor negotiations. The Travel Account Program is an effective travel management solution for an organization, allowing for greater control over all air, rail and common carrier charges. The Travel Account Program also simplifies program management through consolidated billing and reconciliation.

Key Advantages
  • The flexibility to choose your own travel management companies and travel vendors.
  • A simplified process since no cards or separate account numbers are issued to travelers.
  • Automated reconciliation, data enhancement and detailed MIS reporting.
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate with a corporate card program like the Diners Club Corporate Card Program.
How It Works
  • An account number is set up and stored in the traveler's profile at a designated travel agency.
  • Travel arrangements are made and tickets are all billed to the Travel Account Program account.
  • Diners Club extends credit to the organization for those charges.
  • Receive one bill each month detailing account activity.
  • Gain better leverage for vendor negotiations with the Travel Account Program.

Diners Club® Event Card Program

The Diners Club Event Card Program is a leading corporate expense management product for group meetings and events.

Key Advantages
  • Flexible account set-up allowing for management at a department, individual or event level.
  • Worldwide acceptance wherever MasterCard® is accepted.
  • Comprehensive and consolidated data with flexible reporting options.
  • Customizable with optional features for your organization.
  • Extensive benefits for cardmembers and/or meeting attendees like primary rental car collision damage insurance.
How It Works
  • The organization sets up one or multiple Diners Club Event Card Program accounts to manage all of its meetings and events.
  • Data is captured and consolidated through a single, central bill structure.
  • All event-related expenditures for employees are charged to the appropriate account.

Diners Club® Multinational Corporate Card

The Diners Club Multinational Corporate Card Program is an advanced global expense management solution designed for organizations operating in multiple countries.

Key Advantages
  • A consistent, fully integrated Corporate Card program across the entire organization.
  • Global reporting options, giving organizations greater control over expenses.
  • Acceptance worldwide. Canadian and U.S. Diners Club Cards are accepted at all MasterCard® locations around the globe.
  • The expertise and local knowledge of the Diners Club global franchise network.
  • Comprehensive and consolidated data with flexible reporting options.
  • Comprehensive privileges and features for cardmembers like primary rental car collision damage insurance.
  • Online tools for efficient account management.
How It Works
  • The organization establishes one master agreement with Diners Club and a local addendum in each country covered by the agreement.
  • Diners Club Corporate Cards are issued in each country to designated employees.
  • The organization can choose from a range of benefits and payment/liability options on a country-by-country basis.
  • Cardmembers are able to use their card for company-approved business expenses.

Diners Club® Purchasing Card

The Diners Club Purchasing Card is an end-to-end purchasing solution that allows you to create organizational efficiencies and control expenses associated with procurement-related processes.

Key Advantages
  • Seamless integration with your current internal processes, financial systems and all major ERP applications.
  • A variety of billing cycles to choose from.
  • Acceptance at MasterCard® merchant locations worldwide.
  • Online account management tools that allow you to view and manage your Purchasing Card Program through a single point of access.
  • Consultative service to assist with implementation training and ongoing support.
How It Works
  • Purchasing Cards are issued to designated employees.
  • Your organization can choose from a range of payment options that best meet your needs, allowing you to optimize cash flow.
  • Your expense process will be streamlined with one combined payment and reporting solution.
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Manage company spending and reconciliation with flexible billing and payment options:

  • Corporate Billing/Corporate Payment     Organization receives a monthly invoice for all Cardholder activity from BMO and is responsible for payment
  • Individual Billing/Individual Payment - Cardholder receives a monthly statement from BMO and is responsible for payment or Cardholder can submit an expense report and the company issues a payment to BMO for all authorized charges
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Diners Club provides superior support in the corporate expense management industry.


Your  organization can choose to collect Club Rewards in two ways:
The Diners Corporate Collect Club Rewards program enables organizations to pool Club Rewards points earned by each Cardmember to a central account. The Club Rewards can then be used to subsidize travel costs or to purchase merchandise.
For individual Cardmembers enrolled in The Diners Club Rewards program be rewarded with points for eligible charges that can be redeemed for frequent flyer miles, brand name merchandise and other financial rewards.

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Provides an online, single point of access to all account management services and powerful reporting tools.

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Powerful web-based tool providing in-depth data reporting and analysis.

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Online tools simplify reconciliation of centrally billed accounts.


Eliminates employee reimbursement cheques and increases organization float on reimbursement funds.


Uses Corporate Card transaction data to pre-populate expense reports.

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Cardmembers can securely access and view account details online.


The fast, efficient and easy way to manage expenses.

Corporate Account Manager

Program Managers use our web-based Corporate Account Manager for access to superior account management services such as account maintenance, online reports, statements and transactions, approving cardmember applications, sending secure messages to our service team, and more.

Key Features
  • Account maintenance services such as updating address, indicative data and more.
  • Convenient online bill payment and charge disputes request.
  • Cardmember statements available to view and download in multiple formats.
  • View balance information.
  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive online expense reports that facilitate back-office administration.
  • Administer and approve online Corporate Card applications.
  • Maximum flexibility to configure services per organization's request.
  • Send and receive confidential files and secure messages with Diners Club.
  • Diners Club On The Go® alerts via email or cell phone for account-related information.

Available with Corporate Card Program, Travel Account Program, Event Card Program, and Multinational Corporate Card.

Diners Club Global Vision®

This online corporate MIS reporting tool enables customized reporting in a variety of formats and currencies and report scheduling. Available for eligible clients.

Key Features
  • Customized reporting: More than 50 standard report templates plus 21 standard report builders and 3 ad hoc report builders enable users to create their own custom reports.
  • Report scheduler: Allows recurring reports to run automatically on a frequency chosen by the user.
  • Flexible report formats: Reports can be run in a variety of formats including Excel (xls), Word (doc), Portable Document Format (pdf), Extensible Markup Language (xml), and comma separated value (csv).
  • Global consolidated data: Choose from 10 different currencies for aggregating and analyzing your data from around the world. Or, view data by country in more than 150 local currencies.
Key Benefits
  • Proactively manage delinquency.
    • Identify delinquent cardmembers.
    • Generate lists of inactive cards.
  • Monitor policy compliance.
    • Track usage of non-preferred vendors.
    • Monitor ATM activity.
    • Segment spending by channel.
  • Succeed in vendor negotiations.
    • Track spend by vendor.
    • Build your own customized vendor chains.
How It Works
  • All card and transaction data is securely stored in the Global Vision data warehouse.
  • Global Vision reports query the data warehouse and deliver the results to the user's Global Vision "inbox."

Available with Corporate Card Program, Travel Account Program, Event Card Program, and Multinational Corporate Card.

Availability based on size of account.

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Online Statements

Online statements allow you and your cardmembers to securely access and view account details online.

Key Features
  • View up-to-date transactions (even those charged since the last mailed statement), balances and payments.
  • Access statements from the past 12 months.
  • Update billing and profile information.
  • Receive email alerts for account-related information.

Available on Corporate Card Program, Travel Account Program, Event Card Program, and Multinational Corporate Card.

T+E Reconciler®

T+E Reconciler provides the ability to complete financial reconciliation and/or data enhancement for centrally billed accounts. T+E Reconciler automates the reconciliation of centrally billed accounts used primarily for air and/or rail billing. This automation is done against travel agency data and saves your organization valuable time and resources. Using T+E Reconciler enriches the data during the reconciliation process and can export it to a variety of applications or environments within your organization.

Available on Corporate Card Program, Travel Account Program, Event Card Program and Multinational Corporate Card.

Available based on size of account.

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details Online®

details Online (DOL) is a dynamic web-based solution that saves you time and money, increases efficiencies and assists in achieving your e-Procurement goals. This powerful online application provides comprehensive transaction information, purchase reconciliation, enhanced program administration, superior reporting and can seamlessly integrate with your corporate ERP system.

Available on Purchasing Card, One Card, Department Corporate Card Account and Declining Balance Corporate Card.

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