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ATM/Cash access

Q: Which Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) accept the Diners Club Card?
A: Diners Club offers cash access at ATMs worldwide. Just look for the Interac® or Cirrus® logos on ATMs or visit mastercard.com for ATM locator.

Billing and payment

Q: How often are billing statements provided?
A: Every month, Diners Club will mail a statement that summarizes the charges on each account. The monthly mailing date is determined by your organization during program implementation.

Q: Will my organization or my business travelers receive a billing statement?
A: The Diners Club products and billing/liability configuration that your organization has chosen will determine whether your organization, Corporate Cardmembers, or both, will receive monthly billing statements. Diners Club can help you determine which configuration best meets your organization's needs.

Q: How can my organization pay for centrally billed charges?
A: Payment options for your organization include wire transfer or check. A Client Services representative will work with you to determine the most efficient payment method for your organization.

Card acceptance

Q: Where is the Diners Club Card accepted?
A: Diners Club Cards issued in the U.S. and Canada are accepted at all MasterCard® locations worldwide.

Q: Where can I find an ATM that accepts the Diners Club Card?
A: Diners Club offers cash access at over 1.7 million ATMs worldwide through the Interac® and Cirrus® networks.

Chip and PIN Corporate Cards

Q: Where can I get more information about chip technology?
A: For more information please visit bmo.com/chip

Q: How can I obtain chip corporate cards for my program?
A: Please contact your BMO Relationship Manager or Corporate Client Services at 1-800-663-1527.

Diners Club Programs

For information about the Diners Club Programs, view our Product Overview.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Q: How do my organization's business travelers report a lost or stolen card?
A: To report a lost or stolen card, cardmembers should call Cardmember Customer Service at 1-800-363-3333 in Canada. From elsewhere cardmembers should call collect at 514-881-3735.

Q: How long does it take to receive a new card?
A: A new card will be received in 7–10 business days. If a new card is required sooner, cardmembers should contact Cardmember Customer Service at 1-800-363-3333. Program Managers may also contact Client Services at 1-800-663-1527. To minimize inconvenience to Corporate Cardmembers and enable continuous charge privileges until a new card is available, we can authorize Diners Club charges by telephone at a Corporate Cardmember's request. To request authorization for such charges, cardmembers should call Cardmember Customer Service at 1-800-363-3333.

Q: What if there are unauthorized charges on a card?
A: Cardmembers should call Cardmember Customer Service at 1-800-363-3333 to block future charges. Cardmembers will not be responsible for unauthorized charges that occur after they have notified Diners Club of the loss, theft or possible unauthorized use of your card. In any case, Cardmember liability for unauthorized use will not exceed $50; however, a cardmember may be liable if the card is used by an unauthorized person, or for all losses caused by the cardmember's failure to maintain the confidentiality of their PIN or to store it separately from their card.

Automated Expense Reporting

Q: Does Diners Club offer expense reporting solutions?
A: Diners Club has formed strategic alliances with the leaders in Automated Expense Reporting (AER) software to provide solutions for Corporate Card Program accounts. We offer your organization skilled assistance in selecting and working with the partner that best meets your requirements This guarantees your organization unbiased, consultative assistance during your vendor selection process and beyond.

Online Tools

For information about online tools, see Online Services.


Q: What kind of data or MIS does Diners Club provide to its customers?
A: Whenever a traveler makes a charge with a Diners Club account, our systems automatically collect data on the transaction, including the account charged, transaction date, amount and other information. This information is used by Diners Club to generate monthly billing statements, and can be reported to your organization in e-reports available via Diners Club Corporate Account Manager or through Global Vision® for further analysis.

Q: Why is this type of data important?
A: While travel agencies and other vendors can offer reservation data, we offer consolidated data on every actual charge made with a Diners Club account. This transaction data can dramatically improve your organization's ability to monitor and forecast travel expenses. With effective use of Diners Club data reporting tools, your organization can gain valuable insight into where and how your travel budget is spent — data can be used to make accurate projections for strategic planning and vendor negotiations.

Q: What data reporting tools does Diners Club offer?
A: Diners Club offers comprehensive Management Information Reports with up-to-date information on your organization's transaction volumes and spending patterns. You can choose from a number of sorting options that will highlight the transaction information that is most critical to your organization. Most reports are available on a monthly basis, and can be delivered in a variety of media. These reports are offered as a core feature of the Corporate Card Program, Travel Account Program and Event Card Program.

Q: Does Diners Club offer advanced data reporting tools?
A: Diners Club Global Vision®, our premier data management solution, offers dynamic and flexible transaction reporting. From your own desktop, you can generate accurate and relevant reports and graphs — with 50 standard reports — or custom-build your own. With Global Vision you can analyze spending for specific vendors, geographic areas, periods of time, or other criteria, as well as monitor activity for policy compliance or delinquency risk. Global Vision is available as an optional feature of the Corporate Card Program, Travel Account Program and Event Card Program.

Q: Can my organization use reconciliation data for advanced data reporting?
A: Diners Club T+E Reconciler®, our reconciliation software tool for centrally billed Corporate Card Program and Travel Account Program accounts, can be used to create reports that supplement MIS or Global Vision reports. Since these reports draw from transaction data that has been enriched with external data, you gain a highly accurate picture of your monthly spending.

Q: Does Diners Club offer online statements?
A: Yes, online statements are available by registering for Diners Club Corporate Account Manager – an online tool that allows you access to online statements.